In just a few years, LWS has made video accessible to all, because we sincerely believe that a few minutes of images are sometimes worth far more than 10,000 words on paper. Video is today the inevitable medium in your communication strategy, the external reflection of your activities and your know-how, no matter the size of your company. Capable of informing and of alluring by transmitting emotions, the video medium is the smallest one that can charm and change everything. Each project has a history and the right to be heard. We are the perfect partner at your side to represent it in video.

As video producer and web broadcasting specialists, we produce your videos with a portrayal of your company's values. We can capture your product launches, press conferences, events, fashion shows, with the possibility of live broadcasting your, making of, reporting, and corporate projects.

Please find some examples of our productions in our gallery.

They all trusted LWS Production : Jaguar, Spadel, Natan, L'Oréal, Scabal, Chanel, La Truffe Noire, Fiat Group, Schweppes, Piaget, Estée Lauder, Volvo, Manalys, Fabienne Delvigne, Pfizer, Nespresso, Bose, Wolfers, Audi, Credendo, Renault, BMW, Fortis, Volvo,...


Video Production

3D Animation / Motion Design

Advertising Campaign / Commercial / Corporate / Documentary / Making of

Drone / Live / Multicam / 360° / Studio / Subtitles / Voice over

Model Casting / Influencers consultancy


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